Disney has released a preview of its upcoming animated film, Wish.

Disney is making wishes come true with an exciting new reveal—Ariana DeBose will be playing it's first Afro-Latina princess.

During the D23 Expo, the studio unveiled that the Golden Globe winner will be playing the lead in Wish, a film that Disney states will explore "how the iconic wishing star came to be."

DeBose is set to play the movie's lead, Asha. According to Deadline, the 17-year-old character is "driven, incredibly smart and an optimist, a sharp-witted leader in the making who sees darkness that others do not."

Credit: Courtesy of Disney

"The Disney kid inside me is doing cart wheels🤸🏾‍♀️ I can't wait for you all to meet Asha!" DeBose said on Instagram. "Thank you to all the fans at D23 for giving WISH such a warm welcome💜."

In a still of the upcoming animated film audiences can admire a young woman with long black hair sitting on a tree branch alongside a goat as she stares longingly at a castle. Disney veterans Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn will be directing the film.

The Frozen and Moana directors are blending old and new techniques for the flick, including the use of 3D CG animation and watercolors.

"Fawn and I both grew up on Disney classics and fell in love with them," Buck said. "Truly is no greater power in the universe than someone with a true wish in their hearts."

We're wishing to see more soon!