“I was doing music for a while, but I wasn't happy with the results," he tells People CHICA. "Now I'm doing it because I'm having fun again.”

By Yarely Aguilar
September 09, 2019 05:49 PM

Arcángel may have taken a little break from music for a while, but since the release of his new single "Te Esperaré," he's back and stronger than ever. "I fell in love with music again," he tells People CHICA. "I was doing music for a while, but I wasn't happy with the results," he explains. "I was doing it just because I knew how to do it, so I had to do something to not get bored, but now I'm doing it because I'm having fun again." "Te Esperaré" was actually recorded back in 2015, but Arcángel says he waited for the "perfect time" to release it. "I knew it was very special," he says. "It is a beautiful song - it doesn't talk about bad things, it's beautiful for the ears."

As one of the pioneers of Latin trap, Arcángel has collaborated with people like Sech, Bad Bunny, Myke Towers, Ozuna and Farruko, among others. "If I haven't collaborated with someone, it's because I don't know them yet," he explains. "I am a very pro-genre, very pro-music person. I make music with whoever appreciates the art of music in the same way that I do. I don't care if I'm on a higher level than you - if I like your talent, if it's magic, why not share it?" Most recently, Arcángel shared a new collaboration - "a dream come true" - with one of his biggest inspirations, Residente. "I've been wanting to record something with him my entire life," he says. "If it were up to me, I would've had 20 songs with him [already], but things happen whenever God wants them to happen."

So what's next? Arcángel plans to release his new album, Historias de un Capricornio, on his birthday, December 23. "That's one of the goals this year," he says. "I would love to make it happen because it's something very sentimental for me - something that I will remember forever."