2022's most controversial couple discusses what their first date was like and their hopes for married life.

On a recent visit to the Alofoke radio show, the couple spoke openly about their upcoming wedding and their plans to start a family together.

The lovebirds talked about their first nights together and how they fell in love. Yailín confessed she was nervous to meet the Puerto Rican rapper, something he said he noticed immediately.

Yailin y Anuel AA
Credit: Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage

"From the first day, we were married," she said, recalling the events of their first date where they danced bachata together. "He caressed my hair, little cuddles, kisses. But that's it. Two days of nothing, we spent two days sleeping together normally, just cuddled up. I don't have to give up my stuff."

The Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren vocalist added that what attracted him to the rapper initially was her humility and sweet personality.

"You see her all badass but when you get to know her she's the most humane person you could ever meet and humble," he said, adding they both share similar personalities.

As far as their wedding, all plans are fully on, "of course and children too," the Dominican rapper said.

For now, she continues to ignore her critics and haters. "They've said a lot of things about me, but I know who I am," the People en Español's "Los Más Bellos" nominee said.

Next up on her list of things to do? "She's looking for a wedding gown to buy," Anuel added.