The most controversial couple of 2022 tied the knot in the Dominican Republic on June 11.

It's official, Anuel AA and Yailín la Más Viral have tied the knot!

The Dominican and Puerto Rican rappers surprised their fans by eloping in the Dominican Republic on June 11. The civil union took place at the Junta Central Electoral (JCE) in Santo Domingo.

"I love you. I never imagined this moment, or what it would feel like. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me this happiness I'm living with you," Yailín wrote in an Instagram post featuring the couple signing documents. "I hope that this lasts many years together and gives us all the love in the world every day that passes. Thank you for making me your wife Anuel."

In the post, the couple sported black outfits and seemed elated to be finalizing their commitment to each other as they signed the official documents.

The groom also shared a loving clip as they seal the deal before a judge who declared them husband and wife.

Assuring his wife of their union, the singer wrote, "It's all in God's hands, Yailín. Words don't matter anymore!!!!"

Both artists recently teased their nuptials in an interview on Alofoke, where Anuel, also known as Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, said Yailín was already looking for a wedding dress.

In January of 2022 the love birds announced their engagement via Instagram. Then, in March they opened the doors of their home to People en Español where they dished on the details of their romance.

"We are like the same person in two bodies," Yailín, also known as Jorgina Guillermo Díaz, assured. "We are both very toxic!"

"I don't have to hide in any way or change anything," added Anuel.

Congratulations to the happy couple!