The Puerto Rican stars speak to People en Español about their joint project and their unshakeable friendship.

Por Alma Sacasa and Carole Joseph
Enero 22, 2021

Back in 2014, when Ozuna was first starting to become successful, he didn't hesitate for a second to extend his shine to his friends. "Ozuna was the only one who took the initiative to take me to his first parties, to his first shows," Anuel AA remembers. "I only had one song and in the middle of his show, I would climb [on stage] and sing it." For the latest digital cover of People en Español, the Puerto Rican stars talk about their new collaborative album Los Dioses, released Friday, and their ongoing friendship. 

Ozuna says he received some backlash for supporting Anuel at the beginning. "[For believing in him] a lot of people criticized me and said, '[Don't do it],' but something told me that [I had to do it]," he shares. "In the studio he's a human type, he's humble, it's clear. If he doesn't like something he tells you, he's a very genuine guy." And, he adds: "I bet you that if the world knew it, it would think what I think."

Credit: Carlos Pérez/Elastic People

The chemistry between the pair led them to work on Los Dioses, which they finished in just four days at a studio in Miami. "I believe in God, in Jesus Christ, and there is only one God in the world," Anuel says of the album's title. "But on an artist level, I [named the album] like this because we are leaders, we are from the elite league of the genre. We are a family."

"It is an idea that we had since 2015," Ozuna shares. "The first time I made a song with him, I felt the chemistry musically and personally. The reality and the sincerity between the two [worked so much] that I said, 'Hey, we have to make an album so that people know who we are.'"

The duo also talked about their friendship and how they're there for each other in both the good and bad times. For example, Ozuna helped and encouraged Anuel while he was imprisoned for 10 months for illegal possession of firearms, and also offered financial help to Anuel's family. "He did not believe that he was going to be someone great ... even when he was in prison, I told him [that he would be great]," Ozuna explains. "I always talked to him. While in prison he gave me the theme 'Aura.' We have [grown together] and this is going to add a lot to our careers."

Credit: Carlos Pérez/Elastic People

The two also discussed whether or not they consider themselves gods of reggaeton. "Each person feels great in their position," Ozuna says. "Before you used to see Daddy Yankee and Wisin y Yandel and [being like them] was something impossible. Now you see artists like Anuel and Ozuna who achieved it when they were young, and [who] like them were dreamers and [they achieved it]. That is why we feel like gods in what we are doing. It is not to disrespect anyone."

"I wanted to title the album Los Dioses because Ozuna [and I] made trap go worldwide," Anuel adds. "But Ozuna and I, thank God, we were the chosen ones who were able to take it to another level."