The Puerto Rican trap star discusses his new album Emmanuel, his Apple Music documentary, and life with his fiancée Karol G.

Por Lena Hansen
Mayo 29, 2020

Anuel AA opened up to People CHICA about his new Apple Music documentary Emmanuel: Behind the Artist, his sophomore album Emmanuel — which he considers the best of his career— and his life with his fiancée, Colombian reggaetonera Karol G. “I love recording these kinds of things. It's my life, I'm talking about my life, and I love to be able to humanize myself and for people to see that I have my feet on the ground, for them to know where I come from and know about my past," says the star of the documentary, which includes interviews with his parents and footage of Carolina, Puerto Rico, where he grew up. The movie also includes an in-depth conversation with Anuel about his life before fame and the lessons he learned during his time in jail.

Anuel AA
Credit: Cortesía de Apple Music

His new album includes the duet  "Fútbol y Rumba" with Enrique Iglesias, among other surprises. "We get along great. He is very humble and so am I, we had an instant connection," he says about the Spanish singer. "He is a legend. If I'm going to go outside of the genre that I usually record — which is urban, reggaeton, and trap — I feel good that it was with him. He was one of the first big global artists who started recording with reggaetoneros so I loved working with him." There are also tracks with Bad Bunny, Mariah, and Tego Calderón, among others.

Spending quarantine with his fiancée, Karol G, has made them even closer. The couple recorded the new song and music video "Follow" during the coronavirus pandemic in their luxury apartment in Miami and recently got a bigger love nest near the ocean. "We've had a great time. We used to live in an apartment. We spent, like, 40-something days in the apartment and there was a point when Karol told me: 'Here we are going to go nuts.' So we moved, we got a house. We've spent the rest of our time here and we're a thousand times better."

His son, Pablito, is also part of the documentary and is featured on his new album. "That wasn't even planned. We never planned for him to record," he recalls with a laugh. "One day I was with Karol, we were home but I was recording. I got a phone call, I moved for a minute and when I came back, my son was sitting there with his headphones on in front of the microphone. He told Karol he wanted to record and Karol let him record. When I go back to check what he said, he said [Anuel's famous phrase]: 'Real hasta la muerte bebecita.'" A new star is born!