Y la boda pa' cuándo?

Por Lena Hansen
Diciembre 30, 2019

Anuel AA wants Karol G to set their wedding date ASAP! The singers shared photos from the vow-renewal party of soccer star Luis Suárez, and in his caption, Anuel asked his fiancée to set a date for their own wedding. “Thanks for treating me like family since the first day we met,” the Puerto Rican trap singer captioned a photo with Karol, Suárez and Suárez’s wife, Sofia Balbi. “May God continue to bless you always.” He then wrote to his bebecita: “It’s our turn now. Our wedding, our wedding, our wedding. When???” The Colombian reggaeton star did not reply publicly to his pressing question, but fans went wild with anticipation of a 2020 ceremony for the urban music icons.

Anuel also shared a photo with his future wife on his lap at the party with the loving caption, “All the women want an Anuel in their life and all the men want a Karol G forever.”

Karol G also shared a photo from the vow-renewal party, where she performed. The image shows the engaged couple with Suárez, Balbi and Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi. Karol showed her gratitude for being invited to serenade guests. “My heart overflows with emotion because they chose me to sing for such a special night,” she wrote. “Thanks for your affection, for the amazing time we shared, thanks for the best party and for my hat.”

Karol hasn’t announced a wedding date yet, but the “Tusa” singer has shown her excitement over walking down the aisle with Anuel. “I dream of a wedding overlooking the ocean, very intimate with my family,” she recently told Mezcalent.