The Puerto Rican performer gushes over spending more time with his family and how his daughter with Yailin La Más Viral helped him become a more present father.

Anuel AA is now a certified girl dad thanks largely in part to his daughter Cattleya with Yailin La Más Viral.

During an interview on the show MoluscoTV, the Puerto Rican performer admits that it was his daughter with the Dominican-born rapper that helped him come to terms with the kind of father he had been to his other daughter Gianella with Colombian model Melissa Vallecilla.

When prompted by Molusco about what he did during his free time since he has such a busy schedule, the "Hasta que Dios diga" rapper expressed that he was now spending more time with his family and his kids.

Anuel says, "Yes, right now, thank the Lord that I've grown and matured. I have been spending time with my kids and my family. Yeah—today I was with my daughter. I was with Gianella, you know, my other daughter. She's super beautiful."

Anuel AA at the 2023 Latin American Music Awards
Anuel AA discusses how his daughter Cattleya helped him become a better father to his other child Gianella.
| Credit: Getty Images / Gabe Ginsberg

But, he admits that it wasn't until the birth of his daughter Cattleya that he had a change of heart about meeting Gianella.

"I loved [meeting her]. She stole my heart just like Cattleya. Even with Cattleya—because of Cattleya—when I saw Cattleya I said 'Wow, what am I doing? What I am doing, my God. I need to fix this situation,' you know. What's going on in my life. It's not that I didn't want to see the girl, it's that there was so much happening," he explains.

The "Secreto" performer adds, "There was so much happening, so many situations—but thank God. God is so good and I got to meet her. And when I saw Gianella—I mean, when I saw Cattleya was born, in that same instance, I thought, 'I need to go see Gianella. What are you doing, you idiot. You need to go see Gianella.'"

In a span of a few years, much has changed for Anuel, something that prompted Molusco at one point to reference how fans had been asking and yearning for the Anuel of old—specifically the version of him from around 2016.

Molusco wanted to know if the performer would ever go back to that version of himself, to which Anuel says that he would, at least musically.

He begins, "Yes, I feel like I was a little bit lost musically. And yeah, I was very overweight—what's happening? I got thinner and I wanted to be the same Anuel as before and start from zero which is why I started up again with Trap. I was still alone then, literally alone, in my country. Thankfully Trap started picking up again because people thought it was something that was dead."

The "Mas rica que ayer" artist continued, "The old Anuel, I feel, would be a step back because I got lost in my career. I feel that when someone is on top and is in No. 1, and you want to keep growing and growing, you try to change directions and change plans to keep growing—and then you lose your essence. And that's what I wanted to recover, and I recovered it quickly."