The Brazilian singer revealed the extent of her relationship with the Puerto Rican rapper. Are they more than friends? 


Anitta is counting the minutes until the television debut of her song "Todo o nada" on tonight's Premios Juventud alongside Lunay. And fans are calling out their undeniable chemistry on-and-off stage. 

"Tomorrow is Premios Juventud so be ready because my boy @Lunay and I are coming for the 'Todo o nada #premiosjuventud," she wrote on her Instagram in anticipation of the award show of the summer. 

Fans immediately took to the comments section, wondering if the duo's partnership goes beyond the stage and recording studio. However, the Brazilian artist who holds two nominations for "Best Mix" and "OMG Collaboration" denied any talk of romance with the Puerto Rican singer in an interview. 

"We are very good friends," she laughed. "He's very handsome, gorgeous. I used to be crazy about him in the past, but we've stayed friends for so long, and we are currently staying just friends." 

The "Todo o nada" stars have topped the music charts and gained more than one million views on YouTube after the pop-reggaeton mix was released on May 21st as part of Lunay's album El niño. The song's lyrics talk about being all in or nothing at all when falling in love.

Throughout her trajectory, Anitta has collaborated with several Latin artists, including J Balvin, Ozuna, Becky G, and Maluma.