"The song is for everyone to have fun and dance during these difficult times," the singer tells CHICA.

Por Alma Sacasa
Julio 10, 2020

On Friday, Brazilian singer Anitta released her new summer single "Tócame," featuring De La Ghetto and Arcángel. "The intention of this song is to bring the energy of dembow, reggaeton, urbano, and the streets, which is something everyone is used to hearing," she tells People CHICA. "The song is for everyone to have fun and dance during these difficult times."

While she didn't get the opportunity to work with her collaborators in person, she was happy that technology made it possible for their new video to come out mid-quarantine. "I really like to do music videos and I was thinking about how to film a music video without any contact," she explains. "The idea of using a drone was brought to me, so the drone is going by people's houses and the world. I loved that idea because people were able to be represented."

The singer is working on her upcoming album, which is finished, but due to the pandemic doesn't have a release date yet or a title. "This album is very mixed as far as cultures, with the Brazilian culture, a taste of the American culture, and the Latin American culture as well," she says. "I will be singing in both Spanish and English, but with Brazilian sound. 'Tócame' is a taste of what's to come, which is something filled with lots of cultures. I am anxious to see what people think of these singles."

This will be her fifth album, so Anitta doesn't feel any pressure to make it perfect. "I am at a point in my life where before I used to question everything, but now I am calmer," she explains. "I love to work in a team, and if we are going to do something for Brazil it has to be done well because I know everything about my country. But if we are doing a job in other regions and I am still learning the culture, I listen to others."

She recently signed a U.S. deal with Warner Records to expand her career and release music in English, and hopes to eventually work with artists like Drake. "'Tócame' is part of their plan," she says. "Their perspective is very exciting ... I'm very grateful for everything that's happening and I hope everything goes the way we all want."

Anitta feels like she has accomplished everything big she wants to do in her career and now wants to enjoy her success, which being in quarantine has given her the opportunity to do. "I am trying not to think about work so much," she shares. "I like to study, so I am taking advantage of this quarantine to take piano classes piano, French classes, interpreting, and theater classes. ... I am using the quarantine to educate myself more. I was already working so much before, so I am taking time for myself."

Watch "Tócame" below.