The Brazilian star shared a bikini photo on Instagram saying women "deserve respect" and should be free to celebrate their own sexuality.


Anitta shared a sexy bikini photo with a powerful message about women. The Instragram post seems to be in response to a message shared by Puerto Rican reggaetonero Arcángel on his own social media. Arcángel posted: "You want to be respected as a woman, but you keep sharing your ass on social media for likes." The Brazilian star unfollowed him on Instagram and clapped back.

The "Loco" singer wrote along with a stunning photo of herself in a white bikini, "This is me, showing my ass on my Instagram." Anitta defended a woman's right to celebrate her body and sensuality. "Happy day to women, who deserve respect with or without their asses out," she wrote.

She seemed to directly address Arcángel when she wrote: "You can use women's asses in your videos and use explicit lyrics to get views, but at the same time say that women who show their own asses in their social media don't deserve respect? I'm confused." Colleagues like Danna Paola, Kali Uchis, and Cazzu showed their support, commenting on her post.

Credit: Courtesy of Imagine It Media/ Warner Records

Meanwhile, Arcángel said he wasn't referring to Anitta with this post. "I'm the one that gives you the most likes mami," he wrote. "It hurt me that you unfollowed me."

Anitta recently told People CHICA that what keeps her motivated as an artist is positively impacting fans, especially women. "I am a very religious person. I try to always have positive thoughts. I don't do anything that I wouldn't want done to me," she said. "Whenever I have an energy that is not so good, I breathe, I stop and I talk to someone that will bring me good vibes."