Was Karol G's interpretation of "200 copas" at the awards show disrespectful to mariachi culture?


Karol G stepped out of her reggaeton comfort zone by singing alongside an all-women mariachi band at 2021's Premios Juventud award show. While the audience and the press lauded the Colombian singer, others had something to say about the performance.

Regional-Mexican singer Angela Aguilar, for one, expressed mixed feelings toward Karol G's interpretation of "200 copas" at the awards ceremony.

"It seems to me that music is universal, and everyone can sing it," she said after being questioned by media on arrival in Mexico City's International Airport. "But I've never heard anyone use bad words in those kinds of songs."

The Colombian singer's performance —where she mouthed an obscene word while commanding the stage wearing a giant yellow dress— was one of the most praised of the night. Although "200 copas" is originally a corrido, Karol G stated she envisioned performing it with a mariachi band during the Univision award show.

The six-time Premios Juventud award winner has not responded to Aguilar's comments, but did write a post of appreciation for her fans.

"Grateful with life and God for this moment, and for all of you for living it with me!!!" Karol G wrote on her Instagram. "Tonight we celebrate 6 and let there be more!!!" THANK YOU."

Pepe y Angela Aguilar

Singer Pepe Aguilar, a Mexican music icon —and Angela's dad— praised the Colombian singer. "I didn't think she was disrespectful. I think music is universal and anyone can do as they please," Pepe said. "I thought what she did had a lot of quality."