Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera, one of People en Español's 25 Most Powerful Women, talks about her new Comedy Central show Ana.

Por Lena Hansen
Marzo 11, 2020

Ana de la Reguera is excited about her new show Ana, on Comedy Central and PANTAYA. The Mexican actress — who is one of People en Español's 25 Most Powerful Women this year — talked in depth about the series, premiering April 20. "I took personal references to write Ana," she says. "It's a series that is a bit autobiographical but it's not an autobiography. It's a series inspired by moments of my life, but with a lot of fiction and totally fictional characters that don't exist in my life. At this time of my life I felt the need to express myself."

The actress, who's been in the entertainment business over 20 years, also stars in the upcoming Purge sequel, out in June, and the Netflix movie Army of the Dead. "I can now create a series and bring it to various streaming services and they buy it. I can work from home and have a lot more control over the stories I want to do or what I want to say and I don't have to wait for a network to think of a role for a Latina my age," she says. "I can create it. We are creating more content than ever. The conversation has really changed."

Ana de la Reguera
Credit: (Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for LARAS)

De la Reguera, 42, says she is at a great stage of her life both personally and professionally. "I have no complaints at this moment in my life," she says. "When I wrote the series I was going through a somewhat hard time work-wise," she recalls about Ana, which is about the adventures and misfortunes of a struggling Latinx actress. "Six years later I am reaping the fruits of this difficult moment of my life."