The Cuban-born actress filmed her second campaign with the group in Spain's Balearic Islands.


Ana de Armas is shining bright in her second campaign for the Natural Diamond Council (NDC), which launched worldwide on September 8. 

Covered in diamond-studded jewelry, the Cuban-born actress filmed the campaign in the Balearic Islands with the group that seeks to advance the integrity of the natural diamond industry through transparency with their customers on what goes into their jewels. 

In an interview with InStyle, de Armas said she worked with NDC, part of the De Beers Group and Artic Canadian Diamond Company, because of their honesty and integrity.

"I've been blown away by seeing how they support [communities], by providing the tools to grow," she told the publication. "A mine may last for 30 years, but life, of course, goes on." 

The actress, who appears in three films in upcoming months, including the James Bond franchise No Time to Die, Blonde, and Deep Water, showcases the jewels in diverse sceneries throughout the island. She can be seen driving a red vintage car, on a sailboat, and even leaning on a motorcycle in Mallorca. 

"This campaign makes me want to get out of my shell, and I hope that it inspires viewers to feel and do the same," de Armas said. "Don't leave what you want to do for the future; be present. If I had known that we would be living through what we've faced over the past 18 months, I'm sure I would've done things differently. But, as we know, it's impossible to know what will happen." 

Being back in Spain, where de Armas started her career in the popular teen drama El Internado, and the COVID-19 pandemic have brought the new Bond girl a new outlook on life and adventure. 

"Who the hell knows if or when we're going to have another pandemic, another catastrophe, another problem. You don't know that, and I don't know it, either. So, get together with the people you love. Enjoy life right now. Go get on that sailboat!"

The jewelry de Armas wore in the shoot was custom designed for the project by Brooklyn-based self-taught designer Malyia McNaughton, who participated in the NDC's first Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative. This program is a partnership between the NDC and jeweler Lorraine Schwartz and gives a $1 million diamond credit, opportunities, and resources to BIPOC jewelry designers.