The Exactly Amara host shares what has been the key to her fitness success after having her twin girls.
Amara La Negra attends the 2018 American Music Awards
Credit: Getty Images / Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

Amara La Negra has become known for her fearless and fierce outlook on life.

She not only approaches everything with a winning mentality, but she also does it with grace and wisdom.

Since welcoming her twins Sumajestad and Sualteza into the world, the podcast host and artist has made it a point to take some time for herself and get some exercise in—something she shared with fans on June 20 along with an inspirational message.

She began, "#BodiedByAmara of you can Reset! Reprogram your mind! If you can visualize it! Focus! Become disciplined! Motivated! You can accomplish anything! Everything is in your mind and what you are willing to sacrifice and change to achieve it!"

Keeping it real like she always does, the Exactly Amara host also noted how life can become hectic but that folks shouldn't let that stop them.

Amara continued, "Sometimes life gets complicated and you get off track! But everyday counts STOP thinking about it and just start! Just do it! One step Foward is better then just sitting there! It's Productive Monday! Let's Goooo!"

In the video, she admits that it has been three months since she gave birth to her twin princesses and how being disciplined about her fitness routine is helping her get "ready for all the amazing things" coming her way.