The Dominican American artist threw a unique gender reveal celebration and is now searching for the perfect names for her bundles of joy. Any suggestions?

It's official! Amara La Negra is having twin girls.

The cohost of Univision's Nuestra Belleza Latina disclosed the sex of her babies in an exclusive interview with Despierta América this morning. During a unique gender reveal party —where a helicopter released pink powder into the air— Amara, her family and friends found out she's having girls.

"The emotion, the happiness shines through my pores, I am so happy and excited!" she said during the interview, where she rocked an all-pink, glittering two-piece jumpsuit, and rose colored hair. "This is a new phase for me as a mother, and I'm so excited about everything that's happening to me right now."

The Love and Hip Hop Miami star hopes to raise her daughters to be empowered and independent women like her and her mother, Ana María Oleaga, who joined Amara on the set of the morning show.

"I want them to work, to be independent, powerful, strong, fighters, ambitious, everything that's big," Amara said when asked what she wants to teach her babies. "That's how I am, and my mother raised me to be that way. And I hope they're very strong because in this world women more than anyone have to represent."

In a People en Español exclusive this month, the singer announced her pregnancy and discussed her plans to raise her babies on her own, just as her mother raised her.

"I will be a single mother. I know my babies will depend on me," said the artist, who is asking her fans to suggest baby names for the girls. "Father is not the one who makes the child but the one who raises it. In time, if God grants me the blessing of finding the right man, one who supports me, who accepts me with my children, then Amen, he will be well received. But I feel blessed, and I am so happy that I sometimes forget that [I'll be a single mom]. I am more focused on my babies."  

Amara's mother emigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic after crossing the Mexican border and raised Amara mostly on her own. She told People en Español she is proud of her daughter's decision and strength.

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"My admiration is bigger now that she has the guts to face the world with two [kids]," Oleaga said. "I tell her: 'Instead of having a problematic father [in the picture], one who is going to raise them the wrong way, it's better you raise them alone. Instead of the kids being raised around problems, nervousness, trauma, it's better to raise them in peace."