Dominican American star Amara La Negra talks about her new music, the second edition of her children's book, and empowering Afro-Latinas.


Amara La Negra — who is one of People en Español's 25 Most Powerful Women this year — talked to People CHICA about her current projects and her Afro-Latina pride. “I think God is helping me to align things in my life," Amara says. "This is my third season on Love & Hip Hop Miami and people have been able to see a different side of Amara, an Amara that is taking control of her life. I feel happy with my growth as a woman."

The Dominican American star, 29, co-hosted Mira Quién Baila, co-stars in the comedy Fall Girls, and is releasing new music. But that's not all! She is also working on the second edition of her children's book Amarita’s Way. "The first one was about empowering the young ones, letting them know to embrace their melanin, their hair, not giving up on their dreams," she says. "In the second edition, I want to make it about bullying and how it can affect the young ones. It tells children that bullying is not acceptable and they should go to an adult for help or to seek advice when things like these happen."

Amara La Negra
Credit: Courtesy of Nate Pearcy

The author is a proud activist for the Afro-Latino community. "Amarita is an Afro-Latina. I didn’t see enough books for Afro-Latinas out there, and this is my way to encourage and empower the young ones that look up to me. I’m an activist for the Afro-Latino community and I’ve been very vocal and open about it, using every platform I can use to bring awareness and knowledge about my community," she says. "I use my social media to inspire not only Afro-Latinas, but women of color and all kinds of women of all races. So many women come up to me and say, 'I may not have your skin complexion, but in my own way I have suffered some kind of discrimination or racism.' At the end of the day what matters to me is to be able to motivate others to love their skin, to love who they are, and not feel that they have to change to satisfy society’s standards of beauty."

She is also breaking barriers on the small screen and through her music. "I'm getting producers to consider women like myself for roles that may have gone to other typical Latina actresses before and to accept that Latinas come in every shape, color, and form. Diversity is important," she says. Amara's new EP will be out this summer and her new single "Andale" is dropping soon. "It's a rap and hip-hop song because I’ve been inspired by African American culture and their music. I got out of my comfort zone," she says. "It’s my alter ego, it’s completely different from anything anyone has heard from me before — I’m rapping.”

Amara la Negra
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Amara also opened up about her love life. "I’m currently single," she says after ending her relationship with bachata singer Emjay. "He is a great man but not necessarily the man for me. We maintain a great friendship. Sometimes a lot of us feel that we can change men or 'I can fix him, make him into what I want him to become.' And it’s not like that — you have to accept people as they are. I don’t want to bad-mouth him, but things didn’t work out."

However, Amara is staying strong. "My mom is most definitely a big support, also being focused on my career and staying busy. Does it means that I have healed? No," she admits. "Breakups are a process and it takes time to completely heal and move forward. The most important thing is realizing what is good for you and what is not. I feel this year is a year of growth and empowering myself and others, taking control of my relationships, my business and my career, not letting other voices influence my decision. I want to make big power moves this year."