Amara La Negra's fame doesn't go to her head. The singer, actress and entrepreneur remains humble despite her success and we love her for it. Here are our favorite Instagram posts by the Dominican American star.

By Lena Hansen
August 13, 2019

Amara La Negra is unique and real and doesn't front on social media. Sure, she has lots of achievements to brag about, but the 28-year-old singer, actress, entrepreneur and children's author remains humble. Here are our five favorite Instagram posts by the Dominican American star.

1. Amara's photo above — gorgeous, smiling and styling — reflects her charismatic personality. “Remember your present is a reflection of the things you desired. The things you worked for,” she captioned this image. The singer recently talked to People CHICA about representing Afro-Latinxs and her feeling that every victory for her is also a victory for them. “Every success I have I feel is a step forward for my community, because I'm breaking barriers,” she said. “I want to see more people like me on magazine covers, starring in movies and telenovelas, as TV hosts and anchors.”

2. Amara describes her mom as her best friend and biggest fan. She helped her mom achieve her dream of having her own pastry business Empanadalicious by Mami Ana and also bought her mother the house of her dreams. “I want her to feel like a queen, like all her hard work and sacrifices for me were worth it,” she told People CHICA.

3. Amara shared the stage with the iconic Queen of Salsa Celia Cruz. She was a backup dancer for Celia Cruz as a little girl and says Celia really inspired her. “You will never know that you were one of my biggest inspirations. Thanks to you, to your work, to your music, to your humility, I am here today! I cried so much when I saw your photos and your mementos. I will always, always love you,” she captioned the photo above, taken at a Celia Cruz exhibition in Miami.

4. Amara — getting her hair done by her mom in the above photo — says her mother taught her as a little girl to feel pride for her Afro-Latina heritage and to love her curly hair, dark skin and curves. “She believed in me, she saw potential in me, she's done so much for me,” she told People CHICA. “The type of bonding my mom and I have is crazy.”

5. Dreaming big is part of Amara's success. Visualizing all her desires and not taking no for an answer are two things that have helped her achieve her goals. “Nothing is impossible. You have one life to live. If you see an opportunity, take it. The worst feeling is regretting not having done it. If you have an opportunity, do it. Whatever your heart wants, go for it. Let people criticize. If you believe in you, that's all that matters,” she reflects in her post above. “Only you know what you are capable of.”