The song is a collaboration with producer Kevin "Khao" Cates.

Por Alma Sacasa
Junio 26, 2020

Afro-Dominican singer Amara La Negra's new video "Ándale" debuted on Friday, mixing hip-hop and mariachi for a catchy, upbeat song (produced by Grammy-nominated Kevin "Khao" Cates) that's perfect for summer. "It's a rap and hip-hop song because I've been inspired by hip-hop culture and their music," Amara said in a press release.

She also shared that the song is different from anything she has done before. "I got out of my comfort zone. It's my alter ego, it's completely different from anything anyone has heard from me before — I'm rapping," she added. In the music video, directed by Mike Montoya, Amara is her unapologetic self, projecting strength and passion as she demands what's hers.

Aside from releasing new music, the reality star has been keeping busy showing her support for the Black Lives Matter protests. "United We are Stronger! This is Not Over!" she captioned a video that showed her leading a chant at a protest in Miami. "Let’s Unite and Figure [out] a way to make a Difference. Don’t just talk about it! Be about it! We have the power to stand strong for equality! For freedom! We Deserve it! #georgefloyd Was our Brother! He was you and Me!"

She'll also be a headliner for this year's San Francisco Pride event, taking place virtually on June 27 and 28.

Watch "Ándale" below.