Amandititita talks to People CHICA about new song with Chiquis Rivera and breaking the mold in the Latinx music industry.


Mexican cumbia queen Amandititita talked to People CHICA about her new collaboration with Chiquis Rivera. “She invited me to be part of this song. I’m here to continue to bring female empowerment,” she says. Recording the song and music video “Ticket de Salida” with Jenni Rivera’s daughter has been a treat, Amandititita adds. The two women, who represent very different styles and musical genres, blew up the stage at Premio Lo Nuestro last week, when they performed the song for the first time.


“It’s been incredible. As a human being she has a lot to give and I want to support her, because I feel that people who are survivors and brave deserve to have a place not only in the music industry, but also for people to notice that a woman that overcomes is a woman that we should all support,” she says about Chiquis, who has been outspoken about surviving her father’s sexual abuse and other obstacles throughout her life.

In the colorful music video, Chiquis sings on a party bus adorned with neon lights, telling her rival she is grateful because she was her “exit ticket” out of a toxic relationship. Amandititita then shows up in the video as the bus driver and brings her energy to the track, which mixes a pop sound with cumbia’s traditional accordion. The two singers celebrate getting rid of bad exes and feel sorry for the new “blinded” girls that took their spots.

Amandititita, who is a fierce advocate for gender equality, also reflected on how she breaks the mold of the Latinx music industry with her unique look and sound. “My mere presence empowers because I’m not like anyone else, I don’t dress like anyone else, I’m not thin, I’m not tall, and just the fact that I’m here sends a message that anyone could be here,” she says. “It’s just a matter of never letting our self-esteem be diminished by anyone or by any industry or stereotypes. I will continue to be myself and continue to fight for my place here after 11 years of work.”