Following their split earlier this month, Ortiz accused her ex-fiancé of cheating on her.

YouTuber Alondra Ortiz, better known as @alondradessy, became a trending topic on Twitter this week thanks to the outpouring of support from fans after she accused her former fiancé, rapper Tre Carter, of cheating. The beauty influencer, known for her makeup tutorials, confirmed the split in a YouTube video on December 24. “Basically, we’ve been broken up for a while,” she said a month after they got engaged.

Tre Carter y Alondra Dessy

Alondra admitted she was nervous to film the video. “For weeks and weeks I’ve been crying, I haven’t been eating. Everything hit me hard,” she said, adding that she wanted to confirm the split in order to move on with her life. She explained that after they took a trip to Montana together, she found out about a situation that made her end the relationship. “I am not going to stay in this relationship and be disrespected. I honestly deserve more,” she said.

She also went off in a series of tweets. “I’m honestly livid,” she wrote on December 26. “I despise cheaters. I’m honestly so disgusted.”

Carter also posted a message on Instagram after the breakup, telling his version of the story. He posted his music video “Ur World” showing happier moments with Ortiz, with the caption regarding the split: “To my Trelo family, the people who supported Alo and I through thick and thin, I just want to let you guys know how much I truly appreciate you all. I want y’all to know that I gave my all to Alo. She taught me what true love is. I also want to apologize to y’all for letting y’all down. I know a lot of y’all looked up to us for the relationship and the bond we shared. Everything was real, I gave my all. I have no regrets. All I want is for her to be happy now.”

The rapper also expressed his regret. “Please forgive me, I didn’t expect for this to happen. I thought this would be forever just like y’all,” his post continued. “If you guys don’t believe me, just hear the pain in my voice. I meant every single lyric in this song. This is no longer for one person though. This song is for everybody. Let’s love more, love harder, love better. Love is the key and that’s all I want you guys to take from me and my life. I love you all!”