Yvonne Guidry talks about Spoiled Latina Day, a celebration of Latinx women that emphasizes the importance of self-care in our community.


Yvonne Guidry, founder of the blog SpoiledLatina.com, talked to People CHICA about what it means to be a “spoiled Latina” and why it should be guilt-free. “A spoiled Latina is someone who takes care of herself, someone who is running her household without forgetting that she is important, too. Self-care is very important — it's the only way that we can get through what we do. I'm a mother, a sister, a daughter, I'm running my own business, I have this event,” the Mexican American entrepreneur says. “My mind has to be clear in order to take care of others and be happy and have a great relationship with my husband. It's not just about taking a spa day, it's about having time for yourself, reading a book, closing yourself in the shower for a bit. It's not about spending money, but about what makes you feel good in your heart.”


How does she recharge? “I love to take breathers and I stretch. I've been taking Pilates and I'm doing a lot of cardio. I feel that relieves a lot of stress. I feel good about myself and it improved my lifestyle. I don't feel sluggish,” she says. “Having a good set of friends and family that empower you is important. If you can't do it all today, you can start again tomorrow. Sometimes it's all about taking a break, breathing in some fresh air.”

Why do Latinas generally feel guilty about self-care? “It comes from also seeing our mothers do it, from seeing them cooking a full meal and being the last ones to eat,” she reflects. “We are so used to that, but I remind myself to relax. The guilt is from wanting to pleasure everyone and make sure everyone around you is taken care of, that's how we were raised, but I want to make it a mission to let Latinas know it's OK not to feel guilty to take time for yourself. You are worth it.”

Her blog and Instagram page SpoiledLatina.com blossomed into Spoiled Latina Day, a celebration of Latinas in Houston, Texas. The annual event draws over 200 women and will include a presentation by Olympic boxer Marlen Esparza and other influencers and motivators. Spoiled Latina Day will be celebrated this Saturday, July 27, from 4-8 p.m. at The Space HTX. “It's an annual summer event that people look forward to and mothers want to bring their daughters,” Guidry says. “It's a celebration of women filled with music, fun, inspiration, and empowerment.”