What are Ozuna and Don Omar fighting about? Find out all about the beef between the urban music stars.

Por Lena Hansen
Septiembre 13, 2019

The beef between urban music stars Don Omar and Ozuna started with an Instagram post by Don Omar. The reggaeton singer posted a photo of a recent Rolling Stones article titled, “They Legitimized Buying Views: YouTube Ads Divide Latin Music Industry” and criticized this alleged practice. “This may have been a secret to music fans … buying views on music videos within the YouTube platform is now a big story on Rolling Stone, and guess who are the ones that buy the most views? Urban Latin music and other genres. What do you think? Did you know this already? I have known this for a long time and I have studied the alleged success of some releases #IKnowWhatYouAreUpTo … The big difference between reality and perception lies in how much truth there is behind the strategy.”

Ozuna — who according to Billboard became the artist with the most billion-view videos on YouTube — did not stay quiet and clapped back at El Don. The “Amor Genuino” singer said on Alofoke Radio Show, “My respects for Don. We have had our differences but he is a complete artist, someone I give it to musically speaking. I don't think he is at the best point of his career to give an opinion about this. What he has to do is work more and prove that he is the king Don Omar, as he calls himself.”

Ozuna continued expressing himself without any filter. “He needs to prove himself with music. We are not putting down other people's work. I compete with Bad Bunny and Anuel AA and I don't put down their work. I support them and we all help each other out,” he said. “I think Don Omar should market his new singles better because they are not getting to where they should, so Don get to work and stop complaining because we are so active.”