The singer talked to People about her new lifestyle beauty brand Keys Soulcare. "It's about celebrating the myriad of ways that we all find our inner strength," she says.

Por Lena Hansen
Diciembre 03, 2020
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Alicia Keys has inspired many with her no-makeup beauty routine, and now the singer is revolutionizing self-care with her new lifestyle beauty brand, Keys Soulcare. The products celebrate self-love and resilience. "So much of what we consider beautiful comes from how we feel on the inside. And that is something that I've learned and now honor so much," Keys told People. Her line, which so far includes a sage and oat milk candle ($38), obsidian facial roller ($25), and skin transformation cream ($30) is "about celebrating the myriad of ways that we all find our inner strength."


The products were inspired by her own self-love journey and what she's learned from motherhood. "I thought that I was so independent, but came to realize that I had also been trapped in those corners and those oppressions of beauty ideals and standards," she says. "Breaking free from that and finding my path made me recognize how much toxic energy I was accepting in my life and — right around when I had Egypt, my first baby — I realized I had to get rid of that. And I think that started to open up a whole other respect for myself and a whole other understanding of just what I wanted, and didn't want, claiming my own space and demanding good things for myself."

The skincare cream was developed in partnership with dermatologist Renée Snyder, co-founder of clean beauty brand W3LL PEOPLE, and it's cruelty-free. "Growing up, I had issues with my skin. So I always wanted to create something that would fix that and be good for all the other people that have issues too," Keys reveals. "But little did I know that so much of what we consider beautiful comes from how we feel on the inside. And that is something that I've learned and now honor so much. We're always so focused on the outer just because it's a very physical world. But how does one actually find their way to their soul and to caring for their soul? And that's what led me to this idea of soulcare."

The "Girl On Fire" singer, 39, wants women to understand it's OK to put themselves first sometimes. "I'm so fascinated with rituals, and with different groups of people that throughout time have passed them down and down and down. And I create my own rituals during the holidays to find meaning in moments that sometimes can feel quite empty. So that is definitely the spirit behind Keys Soulcare, this idea of ritual and how to access it and create these small moments for ourselves in our busy days," she says. "It's not really about a bunch of products that I want you to buy. It's about how we are caring for ourselves, nurturing ourselves, thinking about ourselves. In so many ways that's taboo, like, God forbid you think about yourself. We're just not taught how to do it, and I'd love to change that narrative."


Keys took a moment to count her blessings. "Even though I think we all feel like we'll be really happy to move on to 2021, I'm really grateful for what 2020 has taught me, how it has equalized the playing ground, that it has unshrouded the mystery of certain things, and just brought to light the power within us. I feel like that's what I learned from 2020: that we have this really incredible power within us to do more and be more, and claim what we want, and create what we want, and be a force, the change. And I'm really grateful for that, and I'm also grateful for the time that I've had with my family, that I never would have had before. And I would love to never lose that."

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