Mexican TV host and actress Alejandra Espinoza joins forces with her sister Damaris Jiménez for a new podcast called Entre Hermanas.


Endless conversations with her sister Damaris Jiménez inspired former Nuestra Belleza Latina queen Alejandra Espinoza to create her new podcast Entre Hermanas. The Mexican TV host, actress, and entrepreneur always found that Damaris, who is a life coach and psychology student, gave her great advice, and they wanted to empower other women. The sisters talked exclusively to People en Español about their new project.

One of the subjects that Damaris focuses on is self-improvement and growth. "We work on all areas, from exercising to other goals like buying your first home. I also focus a lot on personal relationships: marriage, dating, family issues," she says.

Alejandra shares her own personal experiences as a professional, wife, and mother. "I don't have experience in psychology, but I have lived!" she says. Making their conversations fun and entertaining is part of the challenge, and Alejandra says she wants her audience to feel at home, as if they're listening to a friend or cousin.

Alejandra Espinoza y Damaris Jimenez Digital Cover
Credit: Ernesto Coria

Damaris says she wants women to feel joy again. "Just because you are a housewife, it doesn't mean you won't enjoy your role as a mom or your role as a wife, or your sexuality," she says. "I love to talk about controversial topics: infidelity, all those topics that are taboo for Latinos," Alejandra adds. She wants Latinas to feel free and unashamed to talk about all subjects without fear of being judged.

"My sister inspires me as a woman, she motivates me to do so many things," Alejandra says. "I admire her role as a mom, what a great mom she is. I admire that after getting married she didn't abandon her goals. She is a fulfilled woman, she has a lifestyle that any woman dreams of." Damaris adds about her famous younger sister: "What I admire most is how she faces social media as a public figure. Ale doesn't let negative comments affect her, she doesn't care what people say about her."

New episodes of Entre Hermanas are available every Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and YouTube.