TV host and former Nuestra Belleza Latina queen Alejandra Espinoza, named a new Aveeno ambassador, tells CHICA about her skin-care routines and new gig. Take note!

Por Lena Hansen
Marzo 20, 2019

Mexican TV host and former Nuestra Belleza Latina queen Alejandra Espinoza makes heads turn wherever she goes. That's why her over 2.6 million followers on Instagram are always looking out for her beauty tips and tutorials. After revealing she is the new ambassador for Aveeno at an event in Miami, Espinoza sat with CHICA to share her beauty and fitness secrets.

“It's definitely an honor,” the 31-year-old says of representing the prestigious brand. “Those who know me know that I'm a skin-care freak. I love taking care of my skin. I enjoy a lot of things throughout my day: my role as a mom, as a wife and homemaker, as a entrepreneur and Univision host, but at night that's my moment. My husband tells me: ‘It doesn't matter how late we get home or how tired you are, even with your eyes closed, you take off your makeup and put on your creams,'” she jokes. “I really enjoy that. Our body is our temple, our skin is our real home and we have to take care of it.”

Espinoza — who made her debut as an actress on the Televisa series El Último Dragon [The Last Dragon] — is used to wearing heavy makeup and spending long hours in front of TV cameras or gracing red carpets. She knows the importance of letting skin breathe after a long day under pressure. “We have to know that our skin gets upset when we don't take our makeup off, when we don't clean it correctly. We have to show it some love,” she emphasizes.

What is her daily beauty ritual? “I wear every kind of cream you can imagine!” she admits. “In the morning when I wake up and get in the shower, I make sure to wash my face really well. Then I apply a first layer, which would be a serum, then moisturizer, then cream for dark circles under the eyes. I wear a million things.”

She also turns to her fridge to find natural ingredients like oatmeal or crushed strawberries to make face masks mixed with honey and coconut oil. As a beauty and fashion influencer, Espinoza says endorsing the skin-care brand seems like a natural choice. “I identify a lot with Aveeno, because it's a brand I've used and tried before signing with them and working with them, and I've really loved it,” she adds. “It's also a brand that empowers Latinas around the world.”

Being a mom to 4-year-old son has changed her outlook on beauty routines. “Obviously I don't have all the time I used to have before having Matteo to go get facials or put on masks or treatments. I love being with my son, and I try not to take time away from him, so I try to do all my beauty routines at home.”

As a working mom on the go, she likes Aveeno's multitasking products like the Positively Radiant hydrating cream that has moisturizer plus SPF to protect the skin against the sun's damage and dark spots. Reinventing herself and changing her look — trying daring new outfits, haircuts and hair colors on special occasions — is something she enjoys. “The outer facade is what matters least,” she adds. “What can never change is our essence.”

Other tips? She recommends not washing your hair every day not to dry it out. Keeping her toned body also takes work and discipline, she says. “I exercise a lot, I enjoy it very much. It's one of those few times I have just for myself every day. I wake up really early to go to the gym, as soon as the sun rises. I drink lots of water and try to eat as healthy as possible, although I give in to a cookie craving here and there.” Smart chica! It's all about balance…