After much speculation about her return to dating, the Mexican actress posted a photo of her holding hands with a man who is "very important" in her life.

Is love in the air for Aislinn Derbez?

After the Mexican actress announced her separation and divorce from actor Mauricio Ochmann in July 2020, the House of Flowers actress has finally shared a picture on her Instagram stories that seems to show her back on the dating scene.

In the black and white photo, Derbez and a man are seen holding hands on top of a table during a romantic dinner. In it, only their arms are showing —and the actress added an in-love emoji between them and their dinner plates.

"Last night I posted a photo that caused a lot of speculation, it's time I tell you who I'm with", she shared in a new post on Tuesday. "It's someone very important in my life, that I love a lot."

Aislinn Derbez

The camera then cuts to another table where she is again seen holding a man's hand. As the camera pans up and begins to her reveal the identity of her companion, she adds: "At last, I will introduce you to this heartthrob I'm with."

Her father, actor Eugenio Derbez, smiles back at her, still holding her hand. "Ahh, you guys thought [it was a date]," she says, both clearly enjoying the joke.

The actress and Ochmann ended their marriage on friendly terms and they're now co-parenting their daughter, Kailani. In an interview with relationship coach and sexologist Nilda Chiaraviglio last year, Derbez talked about how change helps us evolve.

"We are always defensive with everything and we end up not listening to the other person and the other person never communicates and we end up disconnecting, disconnecting, disconnecting and living in a home where there are only two ghosts that never connect or communicate," the actress shared. "And that's life." 

"Life changes, we lose love, we lose friends, we love pieces of ourselves without even imagining that they've left. And then, without even noticing, these pieces come back," she added. "A new love arrives, new friends arrive. And a new stronger and wiser version of you is staring back at you in the mirror."