Breast cancer survivor Adamari López, cohost of Un Nuevo Día, shows her love and support for friend Dayanara Torres as she battles skin cancer and endures a breakup. See Lopéz’s advice to the Puerto Rican model, actress and former Miss Universe.

After Dayanara Torres revealed her skin cancer diagnosis in February, a fellow Puerto Rican, friend and colleague sent her a touching and inspiring message. Breast cancer survivor Adamari López shared some words of advice with the 44-year-old former Miss Universe as she battles the disease. “I see Dayanara and I see a lot of things I've gone through in my own life,” the Un Nuevo Día (Telemundo) cohost told People en Español. “I see a strong woman surrounded by a family that fills her with love, energy, good vibes, hope and I know she will get through this.”

Lopez, who divorced singer Luis Fonsi in 2010, feels connected to Marc Anthony's ex wife in many ways. “Sometimes we break down and we cry and we get sensitive in certain situations, but at the same time we try to be strong and to keep going,” the Puerto Rican telenovela actress and TV host adds. “My wish is for her to believe in herself, to keep surrounding herself with her family's love and those people who bring peace to her soul and her life, for her to let her sons hug her so that they can face what she's going through together.”

Dayanara Torres

It seems Dayanara could use the extra support. She had been planning her wedding to film executive Louis D'Esposito, but soon after the skin cancer diagnosis, he ended their engagement, a source close to Dayanara confirmed to People en Español. “Her fiancé said to her: ‘It's too much for me,'” the source said. “He told her he was really busy at work and it was too much for him.” Although she had been silent about the breakup, Torres — who had been celebrating a return to television as a judge on Univision's dance contest Mira Quien Baila All Stars — wrote the following message on Instagram: “Notice the people who make an effort to stay in your life” and was showered with love and support from her followers. She also found strength in the love of her mother, sister and sons.

Dayanara Torres, Ryan Adrián Muñiz, Cristian Marcus Muñiz

Torres, who was chosen by People en Español as one of the 25 Most Powerful Women of 2019, told the magazine about Christian and Ryan: “My sons give me all the strength I need to achieve anything I put my mind to.”

Adamari López

Her friend and colleague Adamari López has no doubt Torres will beat the disease. “She can count on all the prayers of all of us who love her, because that will also help her beat this,” López concluded. “She has to think of herself now,” she advised Torres. “This is not the time to think about other people. She has to think about what's good for her.”