Colombian star Ximena Duque reveals the most memorable experiences of her daughter Luna’s first year and gives tips for other busy moms.

Por Lena Hansen
Abril 04, 2019

Being a mom to baby Luna has been a great blessing and learning experience for actress Ximena Duque. The Colombian telenovela star and former Days of Our Lives actress spoke to CHICA about her most precious memories of her daughter's first year. What are some of her favorite moments? “The first day she called me ‘mom,' the day she took her first steps, the day she said ‘dad' and ‘Cristian.' I could go on and on, because all this little one has brought me are moments of joy,” she says.

Enjoying her daughter at this adorable stage is a priority for the actress and entrepreneur. “Time is ticking away, and I want to enjoy as much time as possible with her,” the 34-year-old, who is also a mom to Cristian, 14, says. Balancing being a mom to a teenager and a baby has been tricky, she admits. “Wow, it hasn't been easy! I think that's the hardest task because I always sort of sacrifice spending time with one or the other, but I enjoy the here and now. And every moment with them together — or spent with each of them separately — makes me feel fulfilled. Luna is already a year and half and things are starting to get easier. I can take her now to her brother's activities.”

Other realizations? “Nutrition is a fundamental part of our well-being, and we as parents have to make sure that our kids grow up having a healthy lifestyle,” says Duque, who also respects her baby's schedule. “The most important thing is for babies to have an established routine and not to break it for anything in this world. Some people say that the lives of parents shouldn't revolve around their babies. I've also heard that ‘the baby should adapt to our lives.' I think it's terrible when I hear these things, because babies have their own needs and we should respect them. For example, Luna takes a nap every day at 12:30 p.m. and no matter what our day is like, we honor her nap time. This makes her a joyful baby.”

Working as a team with her husband, Jay Adkins, to take care of the baby makes things less stressful, she admits. “My husband is in charge of nights. When he comes home in the afternoon, he is the one that bathes her, gives Luna her bottle and puts her to sleep,” Duque says. “He is an extremely present dad and I love that.”

According to Duque, being a great mom, wife and professional doesn't require superpowers. “I find balance as a woman each day by putting my priorities in order,” she adds. “I don't know how I do it, but I do it! Sometimes I think there aren't enough hours in a day, but you have to prioritize and make time for everything. It's possible!”