Like her mystical character in the series Betty en NY, Puerto Rican actress Jeimy Osorio is very in tune with her spirituality. She talks to People en Español about being vegan and nurturing her body and soul.

Like her mystical character Mariana in the series Betty en NY (Telemundo), Jeimy Osorio has a very spiritual side. Mariana is ‘Ugly Betty's' friend and coworker in the latest Betty la Fea remake and she reads Tarot cards to her friends in the telenovela, trying to find answers to their souls' deepest troubles. In real life, the Puerto Rican actress and singer, 30, is not a palm or Tarot card reader, but nurturing her spirituality is a priority. “Love and consciousness,” are what she values most, she tells People en Español. “I consider myself a spiritual person.”

She takes care of herself daily —mind, body and soul. “I work out my body six days a week, combining cardio training with weights and yoga,” she says. “I nurture my soul with my spiritual guides and masters, writing my dreams and inspiration in a journal, sharing time with family and friends. I work on my mind by meditating daily, doing breathing exercises, painting, discovering new music, going to the ocean and resting.”


Her radiance comes from within, she assures, but some beauty tricks and healthy eating definitely help! “I enjoy doing facials and hair masks at home following natural recipes. I love putting olive oil and castor oil on my hair, it really helps to strengthen it,” she reveals. “I take care of my skin by applying water, rose oil and coconut oil. I hydrate the skin by driving lots of water and making fresh strawberry face masks.”

Osorio also practices veganism. “Four years ago I stopped consuming animal and dairy products and I've been a 100 percent vegan for the past two years,” she adds. “Choosing non-violence in my nutrition has been essential to my physical and mental health.”

Music is also a passion. She plans to finish recording her first album in Los Angeles this year once she wraps the TV series in Miami. “This is part of my mission in life,” she says of her musical debut. “For me it's not about releasing new music for money or power. It's about leaving a legacy of good music. Jeimy's songs are filled with joy, love and romance, she says, and are a vibrant fusion of genres like Trap, Tango, Dancehall, Flamenco, Vallenato and Rumba.

Salsa queen Celia Cruz, whom she played in the Telemundo series Celia, is a big inspiration, she admits. “Celia has influenced me in every way,” she says. “People loved that sweetness that came from inside her soul, and that inner work of finding myself, loving and respecting myself, defending my mission of peace, being grateful and finding my true happiness —to then be able to share it with others genuinely— has been the biggest impact Celia has had on me.”