Emilio Osorio and Joaquin Bondoni, who play the first gay protagonists of a telenovela, talk about how their roles in El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca changed their lives.

Por Lena Hansen
Agosto 12, 2019

Aristóteles (played by Emilio Osorio) and Temo (played by Joaquin Bondoni) broke down barriers with their same-sex love story in the Mexican telenovela Mi Marido Tiene Más Familia. Their on-screen chemistry was so popular among viewers that the actors are now the protagonists of a Mi Marido spinoff series —filmed in Mexico— titled El Corazón Nunca Se Equivoca [The Heart Is Never Wrong], premiering on Univision August 13. The actors talked to People CHICA about their groundbreaking roles and why ‘Aristemo' —as fans call the on-screen couple, combining both character's names— has touched so many hearts.

“I'm so proud,” Osorio, 16, says. “We are so grateful and so excited,” Bondoni, 16, adds. “The goal of this project is that its message spreads and touches people's hearts.” They hope to break down stereotypes about gay couples and let viewers see that love is love. “Our mission and movement is equality and inclusion,” Osorio emphasizes.

Both actors assure they had no doubts in accepting these roles, even though they knew they could be subject to backlash from the more traditional, machista and conservative groups within the vast Mexican audience. “There is no good or bad criticism. There is constructive criticism and negative criticism, but you can always grow from it as an actor and as a person,” Osorio says.

The teen star — who is the son of Cuban actress Niurka Marcos and Mexican TV producer Juan Osorio — is shining bright with his first leading role and making his famous parents proud. “They remind me to keep my feet on the ground, to stay humble and never lose my values,” he says.

The series is positively impacting many lives. Members of the Latinx LGBTQ community have expressed how seeing this love story airing on primetime television has made them feel proud and more accepted. However, the protagonists' growing fame has not changed their essence. “Fame is all on the outside. Your house, your family and true friends all remain the same,” Bondoni assures. He says the charismatic and genuine characters they play are to blame for their fans' adoration. “They are so loving, so kind, so wow,” he concludes. “I'm a fan myself of the magic they exude in every scene, of all their sensibility, all their strength, their courage to be who they are. Many people nowadays were asking to see that [on TV] and have connected with that.”