Keeping your hair natural is very high-maintenance, thanks to hairstyles that promote hair growth, we can take a break from the extensive hair care while avoiding breakage. With the summer heat creeping, it’s time to experiment...


Por Jennifer Mota
Mayo 13, 2019
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Catering to curly hair takes discipline.

The common misconception made with women who rock their natural hair is that it's a lazy style, when in fact it's high-maintenance. You have to keep up with deep treatments, refreshing your hair after a few days as well as understanding product science and styling for your texture. And don't get me started on the curly cuts prices — it's pocket-punishing for sure.

When I decided to go natural, I was aware that I was entering a new phase in my life that would require a lot of consistency, commitment and most importantly maintenance. The transition period was extremely hard, I almost gave up a few times. I wanted to hold on to my length and couldn't decide whether to move forward with a big chop or slowly embrace the journey and trim my damaged strands every three months. I stuck out the latter. Looking back, the journey would have been more fun if I had educated myself on different protective hairstyles to play with.

While having my hair in a healthy state is amazing, I'm also looking forward to experimenting with some new looks. With the late-spring heat upon us, many textures can take more time and effort, especially if you're a busy naturalista. With styles like faux locks and box braids, you can go on for a time without brushing or combing your hair, thus avoiding hair breakage.

Here are a few I can't wait to rock this summer.

Marley Twists

Made with Marley braid hair, a synthetic fiber called kanekalon, it's one of the most sought after materials as it blends in naturally with coarse hair types. Those who don't have the texture still use it for thickness.

Bantu knots

As seen on stars like Rihanna and Mel B (Spice Girls), Bantu knots are a century-old style passed down from African culture. Aside from being a protective option, it's also worn as a no-heat, stretched out style.

Faux locks

This style has to be one of the most popular seen in recent years. It can be both temporary and permanent, lasting up to three months.


And box braids…

There are many styles to choose from: the size of the braids and how many grids there are (medium or jumbo braids) dictate the look.

Flexi rod set

Like the Instagram caption says, a flexi rod set takes time to dry but once the air-drying process is over, it is completely worth it. No worries for months!

Slay a wig

Did you know that, like your skin, you have to also protect your hair from the sun's UV rays? Wearing a wig can also shield your hair from sun damage.