Dominican TV Host and actress Clarissa Molina has irresistible charm. You'll see her on the small screen as a reporter in El gordo y la flaca (Univision) and returning to the big screen in the comedy Que León 2, with reggaeton star Ozuna.

Por Lena Hansen
Abril 17, 2019

Clarissa Molina is fiercely going after her dreams. The 27-year-old former Nuestra Belleza Latina queen wowed on the dance floor of the reality show ¡Mira Quién Baila!, winning the prize as the best dancer. Molina also shines as a reporter on El gordo y la flaca (Univision) and will soon return to the big screen with co-star Ozuna in the comedy Qué León 2. Here are 5 things to know about the Dominican beauty.

1. She shared the stage with Bad Bunny. Molina danced during a Bad Bunny performance at a Nuestra Belleza Latina gala in 2018. “It was a lot of fun,” she said of her sexy dance with the Puerto Rican Latin Trap star. “Bad Bunny is a great guy. Bad Bunny is super calm, super relaxed, nothing to do with his music. I loved it,”, she added of performing together. “At first he was a little shy, cracking up, but then he got really comfortable.” She must have made him a little nervous!

2. She is persistent! Molina won the crown of Nuestra Belleza Latina not the first time around, but the second time she competed in the Univision beauty contest. When she first participated in 2015, the crown went to fellow Dominican and friend Francisca Lachapel, but she returned in 2016 to Nuestra Belleza Latina and took home the gold! Molina also represented the Dominican Republic in Miss Universe in 2015.

3. She is waiting for Prince Charming. She is single and ready to mingle, but in no rush. She is patiently waiting for Mr. Right. “I'm starting to take applications!”, she joked. “It's really hard. I have to feel that connecting with that special person,” she told People en Español. “I don't go for the physical appearance so much, it's about connection. I'm super open to love. Don't be intimidated, dare to come up to me and talk to me because you never know!”, she tells single guys.

4. She is a JLO fan! Molina deeply admires Jennifer López. “She has found the perfect balance between her career and family life, her kids. It's admirable. She also accomplishes everything she sets her mind to. She says: ‘I have no limits.' If I want to have my own perfume line, act, dance, sing, she says ‘why not?'”, she adds about López, who Molina relates to in her ambition and positive attitude: “The same thing applies to me”.

5. She is not a party girl. “People think that I go out every weekend, that I go party until dawn but the truth is I'm home watching Netflix, relaxed in my bed”, she laughs. “I have a very calm life, I love to be home. People think I'm a party animal and not at all!”.