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Many dread a visit to the dentist office but they're often forgetting how important it is to be on top of oral care. With the lack of visits being made because of insurance coverage or just the fear, there are things that you should know. That's why we spoke to experts Jorge Nunez and Maritza Nunez from Nunez Dental in New York City, who gave us the scoop on common mistakes and things dentists wish you knew.

Bleeding gums are a red flag

Gums may bleed from flossing for the first time in a while, but consistent bleeding is a sign of a problem. “If your gums are bleeding, it's not because you're brushing too hard but bleeding could be a sign of infection,” says Nunez. “I always tell patients if you're washing your hands and your hands start bleeding, do you think that's normal?” But don't panic, he suggests. If that's the case, just go get a checkup as soon as possible.

Dental visits are important

Dental cleaning and check ups are crucial. Make regular appointments and aim to get checked every 6 months to protect yourself from harmful diseases in the future.

Gum disease is real

“I have had patients between the ages of 19 to 25 that lose multiple teeth all at once because of periodontal disease. Food and bacteria gets stuck in between the teeth and gums. Patients get a cleaning every six months so that's leaving food in between your teeth for all that time if you're not taking care of them correctly,” Nunez tells us.

It's more than straight teeth

There's more to braces than just having the perfect smile. “You should straighten your teeth because it's much better for your health. You can bite better and you can clean easier,” Nunez says.

Oral care isn't as popular as it should be

“More people have a cellphone than a toothbrush in the world,” says Nunez. The Mobile Marketing Association of Asia stated that out of the 6 billion people on the planet, 4.8 billion have a mobile phone while only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush.

Back teeth shouldn't be ignored

Nunez says that people tend to ignore the back teeth “because you don't see that.” It's just as important to care for the back as much as the front.

Bad breath solutions

While chewing gum may be the common solution for smelly breath, Nunez suggests brushing your teeth. However, constant bad breath could be a warning sign and is worth a trip to the dentist.

Drink Water

“Dry mouth makes you more prone to getting cavities,” says Nunez. Dehydration lowers production of saliva, which protects your teeth against harmful bacteria in your mouth.


It's important to watch out for whom you kiss. “When you're kissing, you're exchanging bacteria,” shares Nunez. If their gums are noticeably red or bleeding, be alarmed!

It's never too late

If you haven't been on top of your dental care but want to, remember— better late than never. “We all mistakes, nobody is perfect,” says Nunez. It's as easy as making an appointment to your nearest dentist.

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