Por Alexia Fernandez
Noviembre 08, 2018

Sofia Vergara is opening up about the sweet trait she can't resist about husband Joe Manganiello.

In this week's issue of PEOPLE, the Modern Family star reveals what makes Manganiello sexy, admitting she was initially attracted to his good looks. But while she says he's still a “very attractive man,” the Colombian-American actress says she finds his intellect to be even more impressive.

“I mean he's so good looking, he's so handsome but that's nothing that's ever in his vocabulary or he doesn't even know about it,” says Vergara. “To be with somebody that is like that and also very intellectual and intelligent — because he's like a nerd — is kind of, it's hard to find, so I love that about him.”

As for Manganiello's particular hobbies, Vergara says the Rampage actor is “always” trying to get her to watch a full Pittsburgh Steelers game on TV with him.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello
Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

“I refuse to do it,” she says. “I can sit with him for a little while and pretend that I'm watching but that's it, I'm not going to watch a whole Steeler's game.”

Football isn't the only thing the Magic Mike XXL actor has tried to convince Vergara to join in on. He's also a fan of the “very nerdy board game” Dungeons and Dragons.

“He's been, like, harassing me to create a Dungeons and Dragons character so that I'd play and I refuse!” she says, laughing.

The Chef star shares that while Manganiello may appear to be a man's man, he's also in touch with his emotions.

David Burton
David Burton

“He's also an artist, so he's very sensitive that's very sexy too,” says Vergara. “When I realized he's very sensitive and understands feelings very well, which sometimes men don't do, that's very sexy.”

“I have to say I wouldn't change one thing about him,” she admits. “I think that's great because when you're with people, they think, ‘Oh if he was like this he would be perfect, if he did this he would be perfect.' It's like there's nothing I wanna change about him.”