Por Tierney McAfee
Octubre 17, 2018

A plane carrying First Lady Melania Trump made an emergency landing on Wednesday after smoke and a burning smell was reportedly detected shortly after takeoff.

The first lady, 48, was en route to Philadelphia to meet with families affected by neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, when the mechanical problem forced her plane to return to Joint Base Andrews. The plane landed safely, according to reporters' tweets.

Reporter Emily Heil, who was on the plane, notes in a pool report that a member of the flight crew passed out damp washcloths for passengers to hold over their faces for the burning smell.

One reporter, Fin Gomez of CBS News, reported that the issue may have been a malfunctioning “comms unit.”


There was no rush to get off the plane after it landed at Joint Base Andrews. Fox News reported that the first lady's trip is still on and that a new plane is being readied now.

The first lady is visiting Philadelphia's Thomas Jefferson University Hospital on Wednesday as part of her Be Best Campaign.

In addition to visiting families affected by NAS and the staff of the Jefferson University Medical Center Maternal Addiction, Treatment, Education and Research program, she will also tour a neonatal intensive care nursery and deliver welcoming remarks at a conference hosted by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.