The singer also chats about her revealing new podcast En La Sala.


"No drama is my mood for 2020," jokes Becky G about the title of her new single with Ozuna. "It has literally been a drama-filled year, obviously for a lot of reasons beyond our control. I say it in a funny way, but it's actually quite serious. This has been a woke year for a lot of people." The Mexican American star, 23, has had an epiphany of her own. "I was saying before that 2020 was going to be the year I was going to get everything I ever dreamed of," she recalls. "And instead it's the year where I really appreciate everything I already have."

Still, her current success doesn't take away the excitement of newer victories. "I have a song with Ozuna, wow! I am still processing that," she says. "Even though he is my friend, I'm still a really big fan of him. Something really special to find in this industry is someone who still geeks out over who they collaborate with. Yes, these are my peers, but at the same time I just feel so lucky."

The Puerto Rican reggaetonero is someone she can connect with on many levels. "He is so chill, he is such a dope person," she says. She remembers their chat the day they shot their new music video. "I remember seeing him on set before we started shooting and asking him about this time, because for us as artists constantly living your life on the road, you never really have time to be with your family or to create music without pressure. And I feel that this time has been a blessing in disguise for us artists," she says about life slowing down during quarantine. "[Ozuna told me]: 'Oh, it's been amazing to spend time with my family and be home.' I relate to that so much. A lot of people see us as artists, which we are, but we are also human beings."

Becky G
Credit: Emilio Sanchez

Recording a song with Karol G and Natti Natasha is next on her wish list. "I've been saying this for so long now and I really hope it comes to fruition, because those are homegirls that I remember when I was starting out," she says. "A lot of people do a lot of things to pit us against each other, but we know what's up now. Who better to understand your life as a female artist in this industry than another female artist? I have such a special connection with both of them that I think it would be pretty badass to do something with us three together."