Shirley Velásquez

The journalist, author, and activist explains the meaning of "Latinx" and why you should use it.
In my family, celebrating Mother’s Day was an important gathering that meant dressing up, lunching at a cool spot somewhere in New York City, and giving good gift. Now that I’m a mom, myself, the holiday has taken on extra meaning. For me, it’s about saying thank you and finding a gift that will have an added level of significance. It’s not just about offering a token of appreciation, but also a gift that will inspire all of the moms I know, especially my own mami. That’s why, I keep an ongoing list throughout the year of gifts that catch my eye. Here are a few of the ones that mean the most.
Kris Humphries reveló que tras su divorcio con Kim Kardashian sufrió de ansiedad y no quería salir de su casa.
When Christina Milian walked out of her audition with Sony Crackle's The Oath, she knew the role was hers. "I was like, 'Damn I killed it,' remembers the 37-year-old. Playing a fierce cop in Metro County, a fictional city in the U.S., and who eventually joins the corrupt police gang her father founded years earlier, Christina was excited to finally show a more serious side of herself. "It's different from anything I've ever done," she says. To prepare for her role, the Cuban-American tapped into her own upbringing. "My parents reinforced being strong and having each other's back when it came to family." The five-foot-two-inch actress also toughened up by "working out every day and listening to crazy-ass Hip Hop music." When she wasn't running up to "300 or 400-pound muscle men" or arresting criminals on the set, the mom of eight-year-old Violet Madison enjoyed downtime with her daughter in Puerto Rico where the series was filmed. "I wanted her to see how mommy works, what type of job I'm doing, and that she can be a tough girl. I'm doing this because I love this career, yes. But I do this for us as well."
The Latina influencer tells us about her favorite beauty, fashion and lifestyle products.
Facebook lanza Marketplace, un nuevo espacio que más fácil para los usuarios comprar y vender bienes en la plataforma de medios sociales.
Facebook announces the launch of Marketplace, a new feature that makes it easier for users to buy and sell goods on the social media platform.