Michael Quiñones

The reality star talks to People CHICA about the inspiration behind the lavish celebration and shares her favorite baby shower gift ideas.
CHICA spoke to Venezuelan expats and refugees who work to bring awareness to — and fight for — the everyday people suffering in their decimated homeland as well as those in the growing diaspora
Alejandra Campoverdi cuenta cómo luchó contra el cáncer de seno y ayuda a otras mujeres a sobrevivir la enfermedad.
"I get a lot of influential people, or people with platforms, that come to me and say that they want to use their platforms for good, for social justice. And they want to get more involved in activism. And they say like, 'Let's sit down for coffee.' And I always tell them, 'I don't drink coffee.' You know, I can't do caffeine, but let's find some time."
"If you have some reason to believe that you may be high risk for developing breast cancer, have several family members who have battled the disease, or have any rare cancers in your family, such as ovarian and pancreatic cancer, consider taking a genetic test."
Are the sexy, innovative artists more than friends?
With the second season coming out May 23, the cast of Starz‘s East L.A.–set Chicano drama talks to CHICA about how the show grapples with themes and topics that are anything but Latinx-specific while still approaching the pinnacle of authenticity.
In honor of Mother’s Day, CHICA spoke with the child psychologist and mother of Lin-Manuel Miranda about her support for her son’s art at an early age and her passionate promotion of secure attachments between babies and caregivers.
The PESP editor in chief discusses his personal connections, his writing process and the universal message he wants to deliver with the second novel of his trilogy about the Holocaust. The Daughter’s Tale is available in English May 7.
Actors and activists with the group Harness organized a trip for their Hollywood peers to visit asylum seekers at a shelter in Tijuana, Mexico, exposing them — and the public — to the true effects of U.S. policies on people fleeing deadly violence.
The documentary about the life of basketballer Felipe Lopez, Dominican Dream, premiering this week at the Tribeca Film Festival, is more than just a redemptive roller coaster of a sports story. The film provides insights into the benefits of biculturalism and how to redefine success.
Honduras is the only country in the world that bans emergency contraception, such as the morning after pill, that helps prevent pregnancies after sex. The country also happens to have one of the highest rates of sexual violence. This catastrophic mix is being addressed by Honduran activists in a new campaign called “Hablemos lo que es” (Let’s Talk About What It Is) that seeks to overturn a ban based on falsehoods.
Rosie Mercado gave an interview to CHICA about raising healthy kids, physically and emotionally. The plus model shared her philosophy on parenting and what she learned from her own physical transformation.
No Judgment Zone: We asked busy Latina moms about the ups and downs, challenges and successes, and pressures and guilt around a task that seems to get more complicated even as it gets easier: deciding what and how to (try to) feed our kids. The responses we got were as varied as they were illuminating and relatable.
Get tasty tips and recipes from world-class cooks who are inspired by their heritage to serve up south-of-the-border culture in their own way.
Before their were vloggers, influencers and experts were called columnists and book authors. CHICA celebrates the Mamis generating quality content in any form — and two languages! — that helps people stay sane while parenting! Get to know some of the best here!  
Maritere Bellas, parenting expert and author of Raising Bilingual Children, gives CHICA advice about bonding through biculturalism and healthy choices. She also gives us a glimpse into her own parenting past.
The plus model and Face the Truth co-host, who once tipped the scales at 400 pounds, reveals to CHICA how she instills her children with a healthy relationship to food and fitness.
Marsai Martin of Blackish fame is the youngest executive producer of a major motion picture and has a development deal with Universal Pictures. The teen shares her secret to remaining calm, and one of dream projects, with CHICA.
The former congressman from El Paso, Texas, who nearly snatched a Senate seat from Ted Cruz, is running for president. He speaks fluent Spanish and has the potential to endear himself to a large percentage of Latino voters.
Venezuelan TV hosts Rodner Figueroa, Alessandra Villegas, Daniel Sarcos and Carolina Sandoval exclusively share their thoughts with CHICA on the humanitarian crisis affecting their country.
Lorena Gallo, formerly Bobbitt, recognized for a single act of defiance against her abusive husband, has been an advocate for victims of domestic violence for more than a decade. She talks to CHICA about the impact of a new documentary that allows her to reclaim her story from a sensationalistic media that obscured her suffering.