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"I didn’t dream about money — I dreamed of cars passing by blasting my music, or turning the radio on and hearing the announcer say, 'That’s Tito.'”
“I always try to add some of my real life," the mother of two tells CHICA.
"There is so much beauty and so much flyness in the neighborhood, and the neighborhood is never really properly credited for its contribution to the world," says LaLa Romero.
La Materialista, along with Belinda and JoJo Maronttinni revived the dembow-twerk hit that gave her national status.
Vicente García reinvented himself by embracing Dominican sounds vastly different from the alternative genres he once played. Now he's artistically freer than ever.
The district attorney hopeful wants to dismantle the system and become Queens County’s first female, queer, Latinx, and youngest elected official.   
Sandra Delgado originally had hopes to write a play dedicated to her parents, but in researching soon realized how much of Chicago's Latinx history has been erased. “We are not being counted in the history of the city, which really is like a microcosm of Latinos not being counted in the history of this country," she shares with CHICA. 
Comedic bolero sensation Los Rivera Destino team up with Bad Bunny on "Flor," a track challenging machismo stereotypes and embracing male sensitivity.
La Diva's new song pays homage to her male peers, referencing legendary lines from a woman's perspective.