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The Peruvian YouTube star is here to take you on a journey around the globe — while also teaching you how to boost your confidence.
The new film will hit Disney+ on July 3.
The decision left the option open for the administration to try again in the future, but for now, DACA is safe.
"This industry that I love has profited from us but has never considered us equal," the supermodel wrote. "This. Stops. Now."
The new art features a bright pink butterfly, among other things.
Need a popsicle the size of a person? Ozuna has you covered.
The domestic violence advocate talks about executive producing the new Lifetime movie I Was Lorena Bobbitt.
"We’re living in a time now where people are scared to speak up for what they believe in," says the author.
The rapper is working with Fashion Nova to donate $1 million to people affected by the coronavirus pandemic.