The Dominican American star is on a mission to prove to girls who look like her that anything is possible.
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"It's always been and always will be from my heart to my mouth to my pen," says the singer-songwriter. "I just write about my life."
The singer talks to People CHICA about walking the runway alongside Gloria Trevi at New York Fashion Week.
"I’m going to do me and win that way, so that I can stay true to myself," says DaniLeigh, whose new album is due out this spring. 
Brandon Larracuente, Emily Tosta, Niko Guardado, and Elle Paris Legaspi sit down with CHICA for a discussion of the new Latinx-led reboot of Party of Five.
"In 2020, I really just want to do more in all realms," says the New Jersey native. "I just want to flood.”
“My attitude will always be New York, but my vibe is L.A. — but deep down inside, I’m hella Peruvian.”