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Father’s Day is almost here, and if there’s one thing I know about finding gifts for my father, it’s that anything counts — as long as it’s Yankees or Cowboys related! I once bought the obsessed Yankees fan a nice leather wallet, and soon realized his lack of interest in luxury accessories. So now I play it safe and gift him something pinstriped. If your father is a sports fanatic, here are a few suggestions that will make his day. Play hard, or go home!
The Dominican-American author and poet's second novel follows a pregnant Afro-Boricua teen as she finds her way.
Coming-of-age story authors deliver some of the most profound books, devoting their words to those who at a crossroads within their young lives. I've found my experiences reflected in stories told by Esmeralda Santiago and Julia Alvarez, describing the struggle of grappling with both American and Latin traditions because that is who we are — both American and Latina. As readers, we come across complex characters who are also dealing with similar circumstances, and it's through their lenses that we figure out how to apply the lessons of these books in our lives. For the month of June, we are recognizing LGBTQ+ novels written by people of color — stories that fill in the gap between fear and confidence, stories that nourish our thirst for knowledge and acceptance.
As a young girl, I always found it disheartening that there was yet to be a Latina voice covering my favorite sports teams. Now as an “adult,” I am glad to see that women are taking the lead in the press box and on the sidelines, instilling hope and confidence in young fanatics who aspire to flourish in a male-dominated field.
A student at the STEM School Highlands Ranch was shot and killed in an act of bravery. His courageous efforts prevented the gunman from harming others.
Spiritu is a Latinx-focused subscription service aimed at providing its customers with fun, everyday lifestyle items and an introduction to locally based Latin-American makers.
Breakout star Yalitza Aparicio dazzled as she was being recognized for her incredible performance in Alfonso Cuarón’s masterpiece, Roma. The film took home three Academy Awards, and the Mexican actress, 25, won our hearts as well with every fresh red carpet appearance. Scroll through the Hollywood newbie’s inaugural strolls down flashbulb alley.
Check out just a sampling of the Latin music videos that helped us non-college-basketball-loving avoiders of St. Patrick’s Day make it through the month of March.
As Latin-American music such as reggaetón continues to grow in popularity, festival producers are finally highlighting Spanish-speaking superstars at their mega-events.
Cierra Ramirez is a thriving actress, producer and singer. Her new single, “Liquid Courage,” dropped and it’s Latin influence stays true to her roots.
When I was a child, I was reminded that sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me. It was the playground bully who told me that I don’t look Puerto Rican because I have “chinky eyes,” and it was Esmerelda Santiago’s book, When I Was a Puerto Rican, that told me I am in fact Puerto Rican enough. Whether we are talking about non-fiction, memoirs or fictionalized accounts of true tales about strong women, we relate to these characters and their stories of struggle. As we relate and become more interested in their lives, we undergo a bonding experience that helps us understand our own potential. We then feel empowered and confident to challenge life’s unexpected moments. That is when words of disparagement and ignorance cannot harm us. Iconic women such as Sonia Sotomayor and Diane Guererro know that they are given an opportunity to inspire the world, and they have decided to channel their actions, thoughts and emotions into words. Here’s a list of stories from inspiring Latinas.
Latina celebrities make it their priority to empower underprivileged communities through their personal passion projects.
If you’re like me and you’re snooping around to learn more about Lino from Miss Bala or the son of Annalise Keating’s ex-husband from #HTGAWM, you might’ve found that both these stars have a certain African heritage. It’s hard to overestimate the impact representation has in pop culture, especially when underrepresented groups grow up watching a sea of white stars on both big and little screens. Today, these actors allow viewers with similar backgrounds and features to feel they are no longer fully erased from American cultural experiences. And that’s why we’re so excited that some of our favorite characters on TV just happen to be Afro-Latino!
With 395,000 followers on Twitter and 2.7 million followers on Instagram, Cierra Ramirez is no stranger to the world of social media. Cierra spoke to People CHICA about its impact on our society and how she utilizes her online platform.
Sorry lovebirds, we’re taking the spotlight away from you for just a moment. Though February is about hearting love, we can’t forget to acknowledge that love comes in many forms, and it is not always romantic — hence the popularity of Galentine’s Day, February 13 (thanks, Parks and Recreation). Our platonic friendships play a huge role in our lives. Without a partner-in-crime, a bestie, BFF, sis, who will we turn to when life gets a bit complicated? We’re not talking about seasonal friendships either, but the person who consistently gives you perspective when your miserable, who stays up with you until 2 a.m. talking about the latest Good Trouble episode and who you entrust with your fears, dreams and loyalty. We only come across a handful of these people in a lifetime (if we’re lucky). These celeb BFFs prove love is more than just romantic and intimate, it is compassionate and fun.
A new year calls for new resolutions — or maybe the same resolutions since, say, 2016. But seriously, this time is different. Why? Because with a new year comes growth and change, and how can we evolve into better versions of ourselves if we don’t dedicate our time to implementing small, beneficial changes to our lives? One change you might want to consider is transforming your diet into a health-conscious routine, because when you eat well, you feel good. We’re not talking about salads or plain veggies, but flavorful foods that satisfy our taste buds and generally bring pleasure to our days. So when you’re walking up and down the aisles of your local supermarket, or clicking items online (check to see if your local supermarket offers online shopping), we encourage you to look out for these products and add them to your real or virtual cart.
Remember those days when Paris Hilton made headlines with paparazzi shots of her fabulous little Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, wrapped around her arm? Not only was she Hilton’s miniature bestie, she was a star on MTV’s The Simple Life (and spoofed in Legally Blonde!). And she lived up to her pixie name with her adorable pink doggy couture and bling. What dog you knew was securing the Louis Vuitton back then? Thanks to Tinkerbell, dressing up our pups has become a national pastime. From bedazzled collars to holiday dresses, we are turning our dogs into mini fashionistas to be ogled by (envious?) passersby. The holiday season is all about giving, so when you’re out shopping for your human friends, don’t forget to spoil your four-legged pals with some fashionable pieces from Petco. Just remember: when life gets ruff, our pups are there to cheer us up!
Grammy nominations were announced Friday morning, and we’re always happy to see artists who have hustled so hard get formally recognized. Best new artists such as Dua Lipa earned more than just one nod, and women dominated categories conventionally ruled by men (five out of the eight nominees for album of the year are women). But we’re truly blown away by the strong Latinx representation in the U.S. music industry. These artists built their impressive rhythmic repertoires by being themselves, honoring their personal backgrounds and executing their craft so well that they transcend cultures. 
Do you imagine your crew of confidants to be something like the show Friends? One may be a super clean-freak like Monica, another might be a quirky and care-free spirit like Phoebe. Just as we saw on the show over the years, a true squad grows to accept and celebrate one another’s differences (even Joey’s!). As each member is special, treat your good friends to gifts that speak to their personality — and personalize them! Thoughtfulness was never so easy and affordable.
We wish we had an excuse to dress up like Hollywood’s biggest stars did at E!’s 44th People’s Choice Awards on November 11 in L.A. Alas, we stood watching on the sidelines as the all-star entertainers glided down the flashbulb runway in their simple but daring coutures. Although our chances of rocking the red carpet may be slim, we can still turn to these looks for fashion and beauty inspo any day.
Reggaeton exploded in the 'aughts, and we can't stop listening to these 10 songs that everyone should have on their throwback playlist