Zoe Saldana

The whispers of the ocean by the Malecon, the golden halo of the glistening sunset, the fragrance of salty seas, and the warmth of locals walking through the streets of the Havana all welcomed Zoë Saldaña upon her first trip to Cuba as she prepared herself for People en Español's photo shoot for its coveted September issue.

The sensibility and happiness of the Dominican actress fit like a glove against the city of contrasts. The decadent elegance of its buildings, the grandiosity of its colonial architecture, and the regal aura that it breathes through the streets were the perfect inspiration for her gowns; magical creations from Latin designers such as Johanna Ortiz, Oscar Carvallo, and Alexandra Vidal amongst many others.

Together the silk, chiffon, sequins, and velvet created a visual poem made up of shadows and lights, and in which Zoë played the role of the perfect lady whose nostalgia brings to life the history and splendor of the magnificent Havana.