Reports indicate that the ex of the singer's female companion could have been the killer

Zayda Pena Arjona, GRUPEROS, MUERTOS, muerte,
Credit: Copyright Musart / Balboa Records

The shooting that took Zayda Peña Arjona's life on Saturday could have been the result of a jealous rage linked to a lesbian romance, reports Mexican newspaper El Universal.

The Mexican singer died at age 28 after being shot in the head twice at Alfredo Pumarejo hospital, located in the border town Matamoros, Tamaulipas, in Mexico. The leader of the band Zaida y los Culpables was rushed to the hospital's emergency room after taking a bullet to the back in the Mónaco motel, where her female companion Ana Bertha González and motel employee Leonardo Sánchez were shot and killed.

Investigator Álvaro Guerra of Cameron County, Tx., announced that U.S. authorities will be collaborating with Mexican officials to investigate who is responsible for the crime. Authorities in Mexico are supposedly searching for a man who recently acquired a vehicle in Brownsville, TX. This person could be the ex-boyfriend of the singer's motel companion, thus making the attack a crime of passion. If these circumstances are true, it would mean that Peña Arjona was romantically involved with González.

The name of the triple-homicide suspect still hasn't been revealed by authorities.