While introducing her new CD/DVD, the singer says she hopes Luismi and the actress have a girl
Credit: NTX Fotos

During a Mexico City press conference to promote her new CD/DVD Yuri: Vive la historia (Yuri: Live the History), the singer insinuated that her friend Luis Miguel and his girlfriend, Aracely Arámbula, are expecting another child.

When asked “what she thought about Arámbula's pregnancy,” the singer, originally from Veracruz, said: “These kids don't watch TV,” she laughs, “It made me very happy. My husband (Rodrigo Espinoza) and I are both Luis Miguel fans; I love him a lot, and we always want the people we love to be happy.”

The singer, 43, who will soon renew her wedding vows with her husband, added that she always asks God to bless Luismi and Aracely with a lot of love.

“I'm happy that Aracely is pregnant again, it's great, I say. If I were her I'd do the same. I wish them a lot of happiness and that the child arrives soon,” she remarked.