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Revenge porn is now a thing.

Merriam-Webster announced the latest additions to the company's unabridged dictionary. 2000 entries were added with 1400 new terms and phrases, and more than 700 new senses of existing terms. The additions include acronyms such as FOMO (fear of missing out) and fashion words like athleisure.

As with every dictionary update, associate editor Emily Brewster stated, “The new entries and senses offer a kind of snapchat of how exactly our language expands… we monitor many of these words for years before they'd me tour criteria for try.”

Here are some of the interesting (and some wacky) new words and senses that made the cut:

athleisure n : casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use

cold turkey n : abrupt complete cessation without medication of the use of drugs by a drug addict

FOMO n, informal : fear of not being included in something (such as an interesting or enjoyable activity) that others are experiencing

hella adv, slang : very, extremely

ICYMI abbr : used to draw attention to something published or posted online earlier

meet-cute n : a cute, charming, or amusing first encounter between romantic partners (as in a movie)

Mx. n, chiefly British — used as a gender-neutral title of courtesy

revenge porn n : sexually explicit images of a person posted online without that person's consent especially as a form of revenge or harassment

TMI abbr : too much information

Trigger warning n : a statement cautioning that content (as in a text, video, or class) may be disturbing or upsetting

wacky tobacky n, slang : marijuana