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Women will no longer need to visit the doctor's office to get birth control. An increasing number of apps and websites are offering women a modern alternative.

Patients are able to quickly order contraceptives from their devices. All that is required is a questionnaire, a photo submission for review, and a short video conference with a professional.

This development has stirred different opinions. Some people believe it's beneficial for those who can't take off from work for a doctor's visit or simply can't afford it while others believe that in-person visits are critical for education and risk assessment.

Public health experts hope that this will get more women to use contraception and reduce the high rate of unplanned pregnancies, reported The New York Times.

Sara Montoya, a 21-year-old student at California State University at Fullerton, told The New York Times that she didn't feel comfortable going to doctor's office at 15 for birth control after her pediatrician discouraged it saying, “Oh, you don't want to be doing that. You're too young.”

Montoya wanted to get back on her contraceptive pills recently and checked out the app Nurx, where she was able to get her pills in three days after a quick process. “The website just made it so casual,” she said.

At least six digital ventures, including one by Planned Parenthood, now prescribe birth control pills after women answer medical questions online or by video. Some prescribe other options such as patches, rings, and morning after pills. For anyone who wants the shop-to-door experience, some even ship directly to your doorstep.