The video's costar played a recording in the hopes of proving that Topy Mamery ordered him to hand over the sex tape

Yamil, Noelia's ex-boyfriend and costar of the year's most scandalous video, met up with the Puerto Rican press yesterday in the hopes of proving that he gave the video to paparazzo Leo Fernández by order of the singer's stepfather, Topy Mamery. The rapper made it very clear that he won't let up until he gets his share of the profits from sales of the X-rated video.

“I'm the only one who hasn't seen a cent. If they're selling the video, they're going to have to compensate me for damages done…If they're benefiting economically, that money will not go to anyone other than my family,” the 28-year-old Puerto Rican told newspaper El Nuevo Día when discussing his proposed FBI investigation to determine how he could benefit financially from the profits.

The ex of Yolandita Monge's daughter assured again that he had nothing to do with the distribution of the video: “I had that video two years ago…[But I didn't release it] because morals and dignity don't have a price. I already proved that I gave the copies to Leo and Topy, but they have power and I don't. If I'd wanted to make money, I throw it online and sell it for $4.99, because Noelia and I are the creators of that video.”

Yamil played a tape of a conversation he had a week and a half ago with Fernández. “[Leo], you know that I gave you the copy of the video. How did it get to Reynoso? For me, when you give the copy to Topy you leave it not taken care of, and someone took it and put it on the internet…[Leo], I want to talk to that man, get me an appointment with him…I personally want to ask him to forgive me…[Leo], I'm sorry for recording you…,” is heard on the recording, according to reports.

The press conference ended abruptly, after an exchange with some journalists who were questioning Yamil about his hostility. But before leaving, the singer announced that his disc would go on sale next week.