The Chilean actor is cast as one of the leads in a new musical mini-series produced by López and loosely based on her life

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 05, 2007
Cristian de la Fuente y Cheryl Burke
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According to a Chilean newspaper, Cristián de la Fuente will play a character inspired by JLo's ex, actor Ben Affleck, in Univision's new 5-hour musical drama mini-series, La flor pálida, loosely based on the diva's life.

The story revolves around a movie star-singer named Sofia Marquez (played by Leonor Varela), who's constantly in the public eye and becomes involved in a love triangle with De la Fuentes' character (a famous soccer player) and Diego (inspired by Marc Anthony) a fellow singer who had a crush on her.

De la Fuente, 33, says he's thrilled to have landed the coveted role, adding that he had been considered for the part from the project's inception. But the big news came in April when he was called in for an emergency meeting with López, Univision execs and Varela to see if the two had “on screen” chemistry. “I already had a good relationship with Jennifer, who had to approve the actors for the roles, and I also get along really well with the Univision execs so it was all like a big family reunion.”, said De la Fuente on an interview with the Chilean newspaper Las Últimas Noticias, about the meeting.

The project begins shooting in Mexico City on August 6 and will feature music from López's newly released Spanish CD Como Ama una Mujer. Lopez, 37, will not act in the series but will appear at the end of each episode singing a song from her Spanish album.